BikePark Wales was born from a passion to create the best mountain bike facility in the UK, the UK’s first full scale bike park to rival the best in the World.  The BikePark Wales team have slaved day and night for 5 years to create this incredible facility.  BikePark Wales is built for riders, by riders.

For intermediate mountain bikers through to seasoned downhill pro’s, BikePark Wales will offer you an incredible biking experience unlike anything you have experienced in the UK before.  We even have a 1KM green run for beginners and can offer coaching sessions for riders at any level.

The concept is simple, picture a ski resort, remove the snow and replace the pistes with an array of sweeping flowy bike trails meandering  to the bottom of the mountain and you are close.  Add a bunch of adrenalin and big sprinkle of fun and you are pretty much there. BikePark Wales is an exhilarating  way to spend your day in the Welsh mountains.

Our series of lift assisted trails for riders of all abilities offer the ultimate riding experience.  With a mix of incredible all weather roller coaster trails and some of the best natural Singletrack the UK has to offer, we challenge you to control the silly grin on your face at the bottom of each run.

Uplift: Our fleet of mini buses will transport you quickly, safely and comfortably to 491m, the top of our mountain, Myndd Gethin. You will be dropped off at the very top of the hill right next to the start of our trails.  All that remains to do is select your route and whoop and holler your way back to the bottom of the mountain in time to catch the next lift up.

If you would rather not use our uplift and you feel up to the challenge we also have a Singletrack climb so you can pedal your way to the top of the hill before choosing your route down.


BikePark Wales is a unique mountain biking venue.  We are the first place in the UK to have a full time crew looking after our trails and ensuring they are kept in great condition for your riding pleasure. BikePark Wales will also never be finished, we will continually re-invest in the park and create new sections of trail for your enjoyment.  Our aim is to always be one of the best mountain biking destinations in the World, a must visit spot for all mountain bikers.  Your entry fee will help us maintain and grow our trail network for years to come.

Any rider caught trespassing on the trails without a valid pass will be fined on the spot, this will be enforced by our marshalls. Please play fair and help us grow the venue for everyone to enjoy.


Life’s too short, enjoy it
We love life and love living it and encourage those around us to do the same.

Value and respect each other
We value the people we work with and those who visit us, everyone’s needs are different, we are here help you to make your experience the best it can be.

We want to hear it
Ideas, problems or just a good old pat on the back we want to hear the good the bad and the ugly so just get in touch, we’re not precious and our door is always open!

Working sustainably with the environment
Less waste, less energy, less impact.

We want BikePark Wales to be part of the wider mountain bike community.  Come and join us for dig days with complimentary BBQ’s and prize giveaways. You are part of what makes us great so get involved.

Passion and Inspiration
We love what we do and have always been driven to create the ultimate riding location. Getting muddy, playing in the woods and building awesome trails is something we have always done and will continue to do as long as we are able.


Our bus uplift fleet will transport you to the Summit of Mynydd Gethin at 491 metres elevation so you can enjoy the amazing variety of world class descending trails we offer.  Simply select the day you wish to visit and follow the simple process to purchase your day pass, we strongly recommend pre-booking as day passes are seldom available on-spec.

By purchasing an uplift day pass (price includes park entry) you have access to the uplift service for the duration of your visit and are able to use the uplift service as many times as you wish to maximise fun on the trails.  Typically day pass riders are able to complete 10+ runs in a day giving them as much as 3,000 vertical metres of downhill single track heaven.

If you are unable to pre-book your day pass you can arrive on a day of your choice and purchase a pedal pass and use the uplift on a pay as you go basis. Please note that pay as you go riders will only be able to get onto the uplift service when a seat becomes available. As a result, waiting times will vary depending on how busy the system is.

Please remember that children aged 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times (including on the trails and on the uplift), no adult, no ride, no refund! If a booking is made for a person under the age of 17 you must notify BikePark Wales as soon as you book, notifying us of who will be accompanying them. There are no refunds if you turn up alone.

Please note any bike with a tyre wider then 2.75″ will not fit onto our uplift trailers. Our trailers have been adapted to take childrens bikes with wheels 14 inches in diameter and larger.

Please provide a valid mobile phone number when booking as we will need this to contact via mass text you if we have to close the park due to extreme weather conditions


Day uplift pass: Mon-Thurs =  £36Friday = £39, Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays = £43

Weekend passes = £82

Summer evening pass (May – Mid August)  5PM – 8PM (subject to light) = £20

The above prices include your £11 park entry fee.

Riders who do not have a day uplift pass can purchase single runs at the head of the uplift queue using card or smart phone at £5.50 per ride. Please note you will need to purchase a pedal pass if using the pay as you go system and queue times may vary


Operating Hours: 10am to 4pm (subject to light in winter) all year with no lunch time stop.

NOTE: The first uplift bus will pull-off loaded at 10 am so if you want to catch the first run arrive at the pickup point at 9.50am.

Summer evening sessions (May – Mid August)  5PM – 8PM (subject to light)


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We have teamed up with Trek and Shimano to provide our customers with the best range of rental bikes available.  We take pride in having possibly the best fleet of rental bikes in the UK.  Each bike has not only been hand picked to suit a certain type of rider/trail, we have also modified the specs by adding Shimano drivetrains and brakes for ultimate performance.  Scroll through the list of bikes below to find the perfect ride for you.

All of our bikes are professionally maintained by our top mechanics to ensure they are in tip top condition for your enjoyment.

We have separated our bikes in to three categories.  Technical trail bikes are a fantastic option based on the Trek Remedy 7 (Remedy 8 WSD for women), suitable for use on all of our trails with the exception of Pro Lines.  We also have our Flasghip fleet which is a collection of the absolute best bikes money can buy.  You can test one of these dream machines for a day here on the varied and challenging trails of BikePark Wales.


*Excludes punctures


If you fancy taking on some of the more challenging terrain at BikePark Wales but don’t want a full on downhill bike we recommend the Trek Remedy 7.  The Remedy is ideal for use on all of our trails.  With 150mm of suspension travel front and rear, the Remedy will eat up the rocks and drops of some of our more technical trails.
Suitable for both male and female and available in sizes to suit all riders.

Trek Remedy 7

The 2019 Trek Remedy 7 strikes the perfect balance between lightweight trail manoeuvrability and descending prowess.  With 150mm of plush ABP suspension delivered by brand new Reaktiv shock technology the Remedy 7 makes a great option for the green-red trails here at BikePark Wales.

*Please note this bike does not include a dropper seatpost.


from £65

Trek Remedy 8 WSD

The Remedy 8 Womens is the perfect bike to enjoy the majority of the trails here at BikePark Wales.

With 150mm of rear travel and a sturdy 160mm RockShox lyrik suspension fork, this bike is capable of taking on the red and blue trails here at BPW.  You’ll be able to descend in style and if you feel like it pedal back up with ease thanks to the light aluminium frame and full 11speed Shimano SLX drivetrain.


from £65


If you are an experienced rider far from home without your beloved steed or you simply fancy trying something a bit special then why not try one of our Flagship Trek rental bikes. These exotic bikes are bound to get your pulse racing and flatter your skills on the trail. Similar to our standard rental bike but with extra high specs, the flagship bikes are for those wanting something extra.

Trek Remedy 8

The stock 2019 Trek Remedy 8 is undoubtedly an amazing bike. However, if you add some of the best kit available from Shimano you have something that really takes it to a whole other level. Our custom built Remedy 8’s have a full Shimano XT drive chain fitted .



from £80

Trek Session

The Trek Session is one of the winningest (yes that is actually a word!) DH bikes ever, with multiple World cup victories.  The aluminium Trek Session 88 has 210 mm of rear travel and 203mm of front travell and will eat up any terrain you throw at it.  We recommend that you only use the session on our steepest, most technical black trails (if your skill level allows it) as it’s a bike that needs to be ridden at speed to get the most from it.

Any riders hiring a Trek Session bike must use a full face helmet, these are available to hire if required.


from £80


Trek Powerfly LT 7 Plus

Powerfly LT 7 is the full suspension electric mountain bike that introduces the e-MTB world to incredible trail bike capability. It brings together the Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) frame design with longer travel suspension and 27.5+ mid-fat wheels for serious capability on even the roughest trails. A 150 mm shock, 160 mm RockShox Yari RL fork, 11-speed Shimano drivetrain and a durable trail spec will hold up on your wildest all-mountain adventures.



from £90


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