Ynys Dawela Nature park is located in Brynamman, a short walk from the centre of town the park is a true definition of a hidden Gem with its beautiful scenery and an abundance of Wildlife.

Not your average, easily accessible sort of park, Ynys Dawela offers a genuine serving of Carmarthenshire countryside, and if you don’t mind a short walk down secluded paths to find your own little piece of tranquility then Ynys Dawela is definitely the place for you. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any other human beings while on your route through what can comfortably be described as Carmarthenshire’s best kept secret.

The River Amman is truly beautiful and you can see Dippers in the waters and Buzzards and Kestrels overhead. The muddy little pond, although not pretty to look at, is teeming with mating frogs and toads in the spring and you can walk 3 miles along the various paths, some level and some quite steep, and see a variety of habitats.

This little park really brings you up-close to nature, and the chorus of singing birds and insects really gives you the feeling that you are miles away from any signs of modern life.

The paths blend nicely into the surroundings and there are plenty of information boards dispensing details of the differing varieties of plants, animals and insects in each area of the park. Dog friendly and with a bird watching wall this really is an animal lovers haven.

Ynys Dawela which is looked after by the county council and is kitted out with an abundance of picnic areas and a boardwalk by the ponds, so there really is lots to discover in this rural paradise.

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