Swansea Tram Museum, or the Tramshed, is situated on Dylan Thomas Square in the Marina next to the waterfront museum, and has memorabilia from the street trams of Swansea and the world famous Mumbles train.

It’s run by Swansea Museum and the large conservatory-style building house perfectly a double decker tram as well as a reconstruction of the original 1804 horse-drawn Mumbles train, which was the first ever passenger railway service in the world.

The Swansea & Mumbles railway, successor to the horse drawn Oystermouth Railway, then operated until 1960. One complete car was preserved but this was scrapped following vandalism on the Middleton Railway in Leeds during the 1960s. The section of No 7 also on display in the Tramshed is thus the only surviving portion of one of the largest first-generation trams to operate in the British Isles.

There was fears in 2016 that the attraction may close due to lack of funding but was deemed sufficiently important to the city’s history, and thankfully remains for the public’s enjoyment.

Admission is free, and the ground floor is wheelchair accessible but the mezzanine and the trams are unfortunately not.

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