The ‘Batman’ Waterfall is the highest single drop fall in South Wales, tucked away on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons, near the upper Swansea valley. Plunging 90ft (27m) into a wooded gorge, Henrhyd waterfall is a spectacular sight and the surrounding Graig Llech Woods are a haven for wildlife. It is possible with care to walk behind the curtain of water and is also known locally at the Batcave as a cameo appearance in the Batman movie ‘The dark Knight Rises’.For access this listing directs to a free car park where it is 20 min walk to the main fall. Alternatively there a much longer and very scenic trail through the Nant Llech Gorge taking in several smaller falls on the way, approx 2 hours each way. See Nant Llech Trail for details.

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