The entrance to a fairy kingdom is reputed to be somewhere along the Elidir Trail, which takes you upstream along the path on the right hand side of the River Pyrddin to Sgwd Gwladus, the Lady Falls.

One of the finest walks in wales, passing several spectacular waterfalls, abandon silica mines and ancient woodland. The first part as far as Lady falls is suitable for all. Beyond that is more difficult but possible with children with care. Gorges can be dangerous places and rocks may be slippery. You are responsible for your own safety.

To continue, double back to the bridge and bear left along the banks of the Nedd Fechan to reach Sgwd-y-Bedol (the Horseshoe Falls), shaped in several levels of semi-circular ledges. A little further upstream the water cascades over Sgwd Ddwli Isaf and Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf (the Lower and Upper Gushing Falls) which after heavy rain, truly live up to their name. From here you can continue on to the picnic area at Pont Melin-Fach or retrace your steps back to Pontneddfechan.

1.3 miles to Sgwd Gwladus (lady falls), then a further 1.2 miles to Pont Melin-Fach (Picnic area at the other end/start)

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