Dyffryn Woods is around two miles north of Neath Town centre and is ideal for walkers and nature lovers alike.


This extensive ancient woodland, clinging to the side of Mynydd Drumau, provides dramatic views over the Neath Basin, Bristol Channel, Swansea Bay and even the Gower Peninsula on a clear day.

The Woods are one of the largest ancient woodland sites in Wales covering an impressive 575 acres and is plastered with silver birch trees – dispersed with patches of oak, alder, sycamore and sweet chestnut. All of which make it the perfect habitat for a variety of insect species.

A wealth of bird and plant life have also made their home here. There are numerous paths to explore and with the landscape changing with the seasons it makes a delightful place to visit all year round. In spring, the woodland floor is covered by swathes of vivid bluebell; with summer seeing foxglove and orchid spring up and autumn offering fruits to gather such as blackberries and bilberries.

The local birdlife includes woodpeckers, ravens and tawny owls and in the summer months, you can also see yellow breasted wood warblers, redstarts and black and white pied flycatchers.

Due to the steep slopes of Mynydd Drumau the woods are an excellent vantage point to watch birds of prey such as the graceful red kite, peregrine falcons and buzzards that like to soar high above the canopy.

Dyffryn Woods was once part of two old country estates and there are still remnants of their history, on the trails you will; come across an overgrown ornamental pond and an ice house.

Whether you opt for a gentle stroll along the lowers slopes or a more energetic climb up the steeper sections of the mountain, Dyffryn Woods has plenty to interest and delight nature lovers of all ages.

Entrances and air shafts of old coal workings have been fenced off. Please avoid these areas and take care if you walk off the paths. Visitors should be aware that the woods surround a working farm and some of the tracks are used by agricultural machinery.

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