What is Explore South Wales
We aim to be the most user friendly and comprehensive digital visitor information service for South Wales.

How does it work?
Go to the home page and at the bottom click on list your place or list your event, fill the form in and press submit. That’s it, after we’ve checked it, the listing will go live and you will receive login details by email.

Will my place be on the interactive map?
Yes all listings will be on the interactive map.

What if I want to change something like photos or details?
Easy, login in to the site, your listing are in your dashboard, click edit and make whatever changes you like.

Can I Post videos?
Yes just paste the url into the box when prompted. You can also post pics, logos, events and special offers. You can also generate travel directions to each place.

How much do you charge?
Nothing it’s free, just select whether either a not for profit organisation or a local business. Both are free.

Is there a catch? will you charge me next year?
Nothing it is FREE, Explore South Wales was created in Jan 2016 in response to my Local Authority abolishing their tourism team. At the time I had opened an accommodation business and was more than slightly embarrassed that my region has no visitor information service. Rather than endlessly complain I took the view it is better to spend that time to just get on and build this site. It is intended that everyone should have an inclusion free of charge forever. I intend to add features to generate income in the future such as booking services and featured advertisements.

Sound great how can I help?
Simple use it and post a few reviews of places you think visitors should go visit.
List you place and keep the info up to date
Request some of our cards and give them to your visitors and ask them to use the site
Keep in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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